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VitalGo Total Life 425T ICU Bed

The revolutionary design allows the bed to raise the user to a fully standing position and all positions in between including chair positions. This facilitates unmatched early mobility therapy.


With just a press of a button you can bring a patient to any position desired

The Taleb Medical TOTAL LIFT 425T ICU BED sets new standards in patient and caregivers treatment, dignity, comfort and safety.

Clinical Benefits of Progressive Vertical Positioning:

  • Improves respiratory outcomes
  • Accelerates post-operative recovery
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents pressure injury and skin breakdown
  • Optimises psychological outcomes
  • Provides options for physical therapy and weight bearing

The TOTAL LIFT 425T ICU BED offers evidence based clinical benefit, additionally it is the best solution for safe patient handling. It eliminates the need for bending and pulling and decreases the chance of care giver injury.

The therapist can measure the exact amount of pressure the patient is bearing, and can adjust according to a predefined treatment program, while getting real feedback as to the patient’s ability to tolerate the weight and angle.

The TOTAL LIFT BED with the WEIGHT BEARING CONTROL system allows the patient to achieve optimal weight-bearing for their medical condition, preventing comorbidities associated with bedrest and decreasing length of stay.

TALEB MEDICAL brings the first and only true objective WEIGHT BEARING CONTROL

The TOTAL LIFT BED features two integrated scales: one located in the sleep deck and one located in the patented Foot Lifter™ footboard. As the bed tilts, a digital screen displays the weight bearing ratio, allowing caregivers to control and gradually increase weight bearing capabilities for accelerated early mobility, improved ambulation and ultimately, optimised patient outcomes.

The unique technology of the TOTAL LIFT 425T ICU BED moves the Foot Lifter™ towards the feet of the patient/user, and only after making contact will start tilting, thus preventing any danger of sliding in the bed. While the bed tilts, and upon reaching the proper angle, the Foot Lifter™ will gradually move down so when the bed is in fully standing position the Foot Lifter™ will be parallel to the floor, allowing the patient to simply walk out of bed, with or without assistance.

Patient Applications:

Immobility Ventilated High Risk PI Falls Prevent Early Rehab
Post-Op Neurological Spinal Orthopaedic Pulmonary
Wound Care ICU/CCU Burns Physio/OT Bariatric


  • Overall Length (neutral position) 85.83 " (218cm)
  • Overall Length (fully extended) 89.76" (228cm)
  • Overall Width 40.95" (104cm)
  • Overall Width (without siderails) 37.00" (94cm)
  • Deck to Floor (low position) 20.67" (52.5cm)
  • Deck to Floor (high position) 29.72" (75.5cm)
  • Standing Position (top to floor) 88.00" (223.5cm)
  • Casters 05.00" (12.70cm)
  • Under Bed Clearance 05.50" (14.00cm)
  • User Weight Capacity 425lbs (193kg)
  • Maximum Safe Loading Capacity 616LB (280KG)
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