Service and Support

Service and support always have been and will continue to be the driving force behind all our company’s offerings.

Why does all servicing need to be conducted by Taleb Medical?

As a private Australian Business, we depend entirely on our customers for our income and profitability, not on our shareholders or investment stakeholders. All Taleb Medical staff are trained in this culture of customer focus and it is a fact that timely and well costed after sales service and support is mandated in our company policy manual as well as in individual contracts. This commitment is uncompromising and is seen as the cornerstone of our success in our market. Hence, Taleb Medical runs its service dept. as a non-profit value-added service to our customers. It is for these reasons that, no other private or non-Hospital service company will be suited or authorised to do service work on Taleb Medical equipment.

Does Taleb Medical provide training?

At Taleb Medical we believe that local Hospital Biomedical Engineering Departments are best suited to attend to their local needs and that we will act in a capacity to train and support them accordingly to make sure all needs of the end users are being met. Our existing plan will ensure all customer needs will be met in a timely and adequate way whilst keeping costs to customers at bay.

We service many brands and models of medical equipment

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BREAS, Taleb Medical
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