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Rely on us with Vari-Pro Specialist. Specialist products for emergency situations. This range incorporates 3 different models tailored for sepsis infection, emergency and airways related incidents. Each cart range is painted in a specific colour to enable instant identification when needed in an emergency. Worktop drop-flaps, optional hook-over accessories, drawer-tidy dividers and digital keyless locks are some examples of the customisation that’s available.

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What is included on the base models? 

The Vari-Pro Specialist range are specific-use products that have been designed with an exact purpose in mind. They are painted in a recognisable colour with drawers or trays individually labelled for quick and easy location of important stock. 

Simply choose the cart you need and customise the drawer sizes you want. There are still plenty of optional upgrades to further enhance the use of the cart, with digital security options and storage divider systems for organisation. 

With 6 or 7 tray spaces and a transparent or opaque door, make this Emergency Vari-Pro Specialist cart ideal for the most urgent times.

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