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Meet our Procedure Carts. Vari-Pro. Utilising the same simple, yet durable construction as our Vari-Cart ranges, the Vari-Pro Procedure Carts are built to last and provide a cost-effective long-term solution. There are plenty of upgrades to make your cart work for you even harder: upgradeable worktops, hook-over accessories, drawer-tidy dividers and digital keyless locks. Customisation is in your hands, with plenty of options like drawer-front colours and drawer depths and combinations, all free of charge.

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Product description

What is included on the base models?

The base models for our Vari-Pro range have multiple options, including choosing your ideal height and width, colour of drawer-fronts and drawer size combinations, which come as standard so you can customise your cart at no extra cost.

If you would like to upgrade components or add optional extras, there are plenty to choose from so you can easily create the cart that suits your needs.

  1. Choose your cart dimensions (2 heights, 3 widths)
  2. Choose your drawer colours (8 options available) 
  3. Choose your drawer sizes:
    - Single depth
    - Double depth
    - Triple depth
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