FW460 Bedside Locker

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The 460/465 series have been built for durability and long- term and demanding use. A hybrid of ultra-solid Trespa® panels and a steel chassis are used to strengthen your Bedside Locker, so it lasts longer..

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Product description

The Freeway Bedside Range.
For the provider and the patient.

The Freeway Bedside Range features an array of lockers to suit both hospital budget and patient functionality.

Whilst MFC laminate-clad models offer cost efficiency, the Trespa® variants offer great durability. Both offer the option to easily replace panels if accidental damage occurs.

As always with Freeway products, the choice of 8 paint colours comes as standard!

Colour choice

Every Bedside Locker in the range can be painted in one of 8 colours available, brightening the ward and making it like home for your patients.

Modular Construction

Cleverly designed and built, the panel-clad lockers can be dismantled and rebuilt without the need for tools or an engineer!

Ultra Heavy-Duty Castors

Featuring a triple ball-race bearing set, our castors and rubberised tyres are built to last and ensure effortless manoeuvring of a full Bedside Locker.

Keyless Digital Lock

Our Bedside Lockers feature at least one secure compartment which uses a keyless digital locking system for patients to store their more valuable belongings.

Vast Bedside Range Choice

With a vast range of ready-to-use bedside products to choose from, we’ve got you covered. Just pick the model that fulfils your needs and a paint colour to complement your ward and let us, at Freeway Medical, do the rest.

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