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Simple Dressing Carts. Built to last. Choose from a nylon coated mild steel frame or go for a full stainless steel option, each available with 2 or 3 work surfaces and in 3 widths. To complement our original ‘capped’ range of dressing carts, we now also offer a raised-lip work surface model with the same frame, same shelf and the same width options. Built to stand the test of time and fitted with our triple-bearing 75mm castors, these Dressing Carts are a great choice for any hospital’s forward-thinking equipment budget.

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Product description

What is included on the base models? 

Choosing the Dressing Cart that fits you requirement is simple with multiple options included on the base model. 

  1. First choose your cart width and the number of shelves you need. 
  2. Second, decide if you’re opting for a mild steel frame or the full stainless steel option. If you choose the mild steel option, pick your frame colour. 
  3. The final decision is if you want ‘capped’ or ‘raised lip’ edges for your Dressing Cart!
  4. If you want to customise further, simply speak to our sales team!

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