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Chart Workstations.
Making easy work of patient notes. Our Chart Workstations come in various guises but all offer the same flexibility, build and custom paint colours as our other ranges. Freeway Medical have worked hard to custom-design features that work hard in hospitals and are now offering the opportunity to make paperless patient notes a reality with a brand new go-anywhere mobile power and IT upgrade. Further customisation is possible, such as optional hook- over accessories, digital security and divider shelves, meaning your workstation works for you.

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Product description

What is included on the base models? 

Your desired Chart Workstation is simply a few steps away, customised at no extra cost to you: choose your ideal width, choose your drawer front or frame colour and then choose your preferred tray or basket combination (where applicable). 

If you would like to upgrade components or add optional extras, there are plenty to choose from including the brand new integrated IT and mobile power solutions. 

  1. Choose your ideal width (500, 700 or 1000)
  2. Choose your ideal colour (9 options available) 
  3. Choose your storage trays (or drawer depths where applicable) 
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