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  • Breas Vivo 45 Ventilator

    To meet the needs connected to a wide range of respiratory conditions a ventilator must offer outstanding clinical versatility and performance. But equally important, it must be designed around the patient’s life, activities and home environment...

  • Breas Vivo 55 Ventilator

    Breas Vivo 55 Ventilator

     Vivo 55 – AT A GLANCE  The Vivo 55 is designed to meet the needs both of medical staff and a wide range of patients. It combines comfortable and controllable ventilation with excellent monitoring capabilities to potentially reduce...

  • Breas Vivo 65 Ventilator

    Breas Vivo 65 Ventilator

     The Vivo 65 is an advanced homecare ventilator designed to deliver secure and comfortable (life-support) treatment to adult and pediatric patients from 5 kg. The Vivo 65 can be used for a wide variety of patients thanks to a comprehensive set of...

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