Vari-Cart Enclosed - 500 Series / 4 Tray Space

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The Vari-Cart Enclosed is a secure, long-lasting investment, with durable materials that are easily deep cleaned or replaced if damaged, thanks to the modular construction design. Simply disassemble the cart by removing just 4 thumbscrews.

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Product description

The 4 tray space Enclosed Vari-Cart with a clear or Trespa® door is the smallest in the range, yet remains a key piece of equipment to many. The acrylic clear door option allows your stock to be protected and secure whilst remaining in easy view. Having 4 tray spaces gives you room for storage that can also be slipped under counters to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The opaque Trespa® door on any of the Enclosed Vari-Cart range will both conceal and protect the contents of the cart, allowing for manoeuvrability around wards without a worry. When not in use, simply slot this 4 tray space unit under a counter.

All Vari-Cart Enclosed, features: 

  • Clear acrylic or solid Trespa® door
  • Sealed rear panel
  • Digital locking/anti-tamper options
  • 1 medical rail
  • 8 frame colours available
  • Any tray combination
  • 4 ultra-durable castors/2 brakes
  • Upgradeable worktop
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