Vari-Cart Enclosed - 1000 Series / 2x5 Tray Space

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Varied in name, varied in use... But this time, it’s twice as wide for extra storage needs! Double the capacity than the single width 500 series design, the 1000 Series Vari-Cart offers the same high-quality, durable finish and simple modular construction that enables such variety of uses. Longevity is key, with tool-less parts to make maintenance easier and extend product life without needing to replace entirely. Customisation is included in cost price with options to pick from 8 frame colours and options of storage tray types.

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Product description

Enclosed Vari-Cart allows for easy access to the contents. The wide opening is just one of many design features included, customised for the end user. Little things really do make a difference, which is why we focus on all the details, big and small. 

Freeway Medical offers you the choice of 8 available colours for your frame and work surface to set off the crisp white of a Trespa® door.These colours, ranging from blue to orange, pink and green and more, give the opportunity to colour code your ward to distinguish, identify and organise equipment accordingly. 

All Vari-Cart Enclosed, features: 

  • Clear acrylic or solid Trespa® door
  • Sealed rear panel
  • Digital locking/anti-tamper options
  • 1 medical rail
  • 8 frame colours available
  • Any tray combination
  • 4 ultra-durable castors/2 brakes
  • Upgradeable worktop

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