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Standard Model Includes

  • Pole mount bracket
  • 8 inch, 800 x 600 LCD touch screen display
  • AC Power supply


Just as the elegance and efficient use of the ANI monitor can make understanding and treating pain in adults a much easier and accurate process, the NIPE monitor by MDoloris Medical provides the same function for infants and neonatal patients.

It is estimated that a human being can feel pain starting from the 24th week of intrauterine life; there is a correlation between the age of the newborn baby and their reaction to pain. The younger the infant, the more significant the reactions in response to a painful stimulus. Similarly with repetition of painful procedures, the intensity of the response will be proportional to the number of stimulations. In general fear, anxiety or depression can increase perception of pain in adults; similarly these factors influence the neonate, who cannot understand what is happening.

The NIPE technology provides an objective way to assess pain and discomfort for newborn infants, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver individualised care.

Technical Specifications

  • TGA Certified
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Dimensions: 270 x 247 x 145 mm
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