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Product description

Standard Model Includes

  • Pole mount bracket
  • 8 inch, 800 x 600 LCD touch screen display
  • AC Power supply
  • A pair of disposable sensor pads


The ease of use, efficiency and elegance of the ANI monitor by Mdoloris medical, reinforces its place at the forefront of pain management. Truly embodying the companies claim of being "where innovation beats pain", the ANI monitor uses analysis of the ECG wave and the phenomena of Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia as a window into the Autonomic Nervous System which is influenced by nociception, all while remaining non-invasive and user-friendly.

Analgesia Nociception Index (ANI®) technology is unique in using the sympathovagal balance in order to measure nociception and antinociception. In addition to being a nociception monitoring system, ANI® technology also monitors the parasympathetic tone, which provides information about the patient’s comfort, i.e. the appearance of pain or stress.

This innovative and unique monitor can lead the way in ensuring patients are spared the side effects of over or under-dosing of analgesics during surgeries, in evaluating unresponsive patients condition and patients with extenuating physical circumstances such as the obese or drug addicted or resistant patients.

Technical Specifications

  • TGA Certified
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Dimensions: 256 x 214 x 81 mm

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