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Product description

Includes, AED, Case, Cabinet with strobe light and alarm, sign and AED first aid kit. Training included.

Fully Automatic, one button.

Automated testing to ensure daily functionality
A new look complete with all pictograms which
light up necessary to guide rescuers step by step
More alternatives for recording and transfer data
internal memory, removable card, USB
Slight yet solid with long-lasting battery
to ensure the best portability in any circumstance
Biphasic technology 200J energy
Unique features combined with available
configurations give rise to exclusive devices

Maintenance-Free: Automatically performs daily, monthly
and six-month extensive self-checks of all main components:
battery, internal electronics, energy charge and disarm, shock and
ECG calibration systems. Daily testing data are stored by the device as
text file (named AED1LOG) easily readable by any computer.
AED runs further tests after each battery insertion as well as every time the device is turned on.
A visual cue (green/red status indicator) provides effective alert to users whether AED is in working
order and ready for a rescue.
Helpful Text Screen: The mini LCD screen always displays a battery gauge with its residual percentage
charge and runs text in tandem with audible voice instructions, helpful in noisy and chaotic environments.
Synergic “INFO” Button: The i button provides valuable device or battery technical information to users
and is serviceable for changing the language.
CPR Coaching: More instructive voice and text prompts guide user through rescue. A built-in metronome assist
responder during the CPR, providing audio cues for the appropriate number and rate of chest compressions.
Adult / Child Capability: Can be used on patients of any age with flashing icons on the keyboard providing information on
the pads in use. Device senses when Pediatric pads are installed and adjusts to use a more appropriate lower energy level (50J).

Included :

  • Fully Automatic PAD 200J
  • 1x pair of Adult defibrillation pads
  • 1x 6-Year battery
  • 1x carry case
  • 1x Quick Start-up Guide
  • 1x Quick Operating Guide
  • 1x User Manual
  • PLUS - Cabinet with strobe light and alarm
  • PLUS - AED sign
  • PLUS - AED Resus First Aid Kit
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