The Unique Geo-Localization AED Technology Option

"In the cloud" based monitoring and tracking

 The SaverOne AED/PAD Product Range will be featuring unique new technology, called “Geo-Localization Technology™”, which will be installed in a Module we will refer to as GEOLOC.

 This optional new module can be installed on the new improved SaverOne™ Range of AED’s and will be called the GeoSaver™ Model. However, the GeoSaver™ can also be purchased without the GEOLOC Option, in which case we would call it the SaverOne™.

 The GeoSaver is a Public Access Defibrillator equipped with an integrated SIM card and battery powered GSM/GPS/GPRS technology. Therefore, the GeoSaver™ can transmit/receive data through the mobile network to the Saver Cloud.

The Saver Cloud Platform is accessible by any internet connected device and hence you can have total control of your AEDs in any remote location.

  • Localize all your AEDs in the territory through a map and remotely check their status and functionality (battery level, pads expiration, configuration, log files, error alerts and more)
  • You can visualize the ECG in real time just while is being performed during the rescue, or download and save it for your own purposes.

 This feature allows the AED device to be more suitably installed in both near and or really remote public or work places. Monitoring of the device whilst in Continuous motion transport systems such as Trains, Buses, Trucks, watercrafts, Taxis and Aircrafts.

 How does this technology work?

  1. Login on your GeoSaver™ to the Saver Cloud Platform by entering your own access PASSWORD, to have total remote AED control.
  2. Just because every second is precious .. you can also use the New VIVO optional function to make a hands-free phone calls to Emergency Medical Services directly from the AED.
  3. Clever Dual Power Supply - The GeoSaver™ is equipped with two separate batteries: one for the Radio Module and the second internal one for powering the AED.
  4. This also means that in case of theft, the device can be easily located to within one square foot even if the removable main battery is pulled out.
  5. Login the GeoSaver™ Web Platform by entering your own access Passcode, providing security and peace of mind.

Geo-Locate your AEDs on the map in Real-Time, anywhere in the world from any standard terminal (PC, Tablet or Smart Phone) and work in remote to check their status and functionality (battery level, pads expiration, configuration, log files, error alerts)

  1. Satellite tracking of any AED and monitor paths even when they are in motion anywhere in the world.
  2. Remotely check their functional status from your mobile device by consulting LOG files without the need to physically visit every device location.
  3. Remotely verify its detailed parameters and configurations and change configurations and settings remotely when required to meet latest clinical standards and recommendations.
  4. Remotely update all AED parameters like Volume, Language, Operational Tests, Guideline Procedures, etc.
  5. Review of daily data: log files recorded by AEDs available online to technical people.
  6. Review Historical Data: online database of all log files recorded by AEDs (useful for Statistical and other analysis of the AED)
  7. The defibrillator reports it’s own faults by sending email or SMS (optional) to several parties, in case of abnormalities in the AED.
  8. Work in remote to re-configure the AED parameters, recover files, upload the latest firmware or upgrade AEDs to the newest Guidelines from your supplier’s office.

  9. Watch real-time ECG by Real-Time Streaming to authorized remote medical services to enable the provision of advanced clinical support.
  10. Real-Time ECG Streaming will also allow the end-users to download and save ECG’s and a host of other Data for Medico-Legal applications.
  11. High Rating IPX=56 to provide maximum protection against both Dust and Water ingression for the safety of both patient and end-user.
  12. Any model can be provided with energy level of 200J or 360J maximum,
  13. Standard Disposable or a Rechargeable Batteries
  14. Multiple language selection.
  15. wide range of models available:
    1. PADs (Public Access Defibrillator) Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic
    2. Advanced Use Defibrillator Semi-Automatic AED + ECG Monitoring
    3. Professional Use Defibrillator Semi-Automatic AED per default + ECG Monitoring + Manual override


 Geo-Localization Module Performance Summary:

  1. Vivo™ Module allows a rescuer to make a phone call direct from the defibrillator to emergency services while being freed to continue rescue with both hands free.
  2. Geo-localization Module (real time geographic location of the position of the device anywhere in the world)
  3. Web-based Platform Telemetry provides Remote Telemonitoring of the defibrillator. (real time acquisition of AED status, parameters and alarms)
  4. Web-based Platform provides Remote Control of the defibrillator include remote Firmware updates.
  5. Web-based Platform provides Remote Assistance with real time hands-free phone call from the AED using the VIVO™ Button to any authorized emergency service or call Center. In addition, the AED provides live streaming of all ECG data to the advanced Clinical Support services which can help with the rescue in real-time.
  6. Receive Email or SMS on your chosen smart phone, tablet or PC in case of abnormalities.
  7. Remote control (Physical tracking, antitheft tracking and full remote configuration of device)
 GeoSaver™ Unprecedented Efficacies and Efficiencies

Based on the above, the GEOLOC Module on the new GeoSaver AED/PAD will provide:

 Unprecedented efficacies and efficiencies that haven’t been seen before in the market place by allowing

  1. Total management and control of devices in close-by sites or remote sites anywhere in the world, hence co-ordinating resources and allowing for more targeted and TIMELY interventions to help reduce down time,
  2. Help and support led by experienced personnel by phone to guide and support the user achieve better clinical outcomes for the rescued and better Clinical results for the rescuers.
  1. Greater security and speed in the resolution of any anomalies in real-time.